5 things you can do in a sling (that you can’t do with a buggy)

Wearing your baby means you’re hands-free, wheel-free, and close to your baby.

Walk on the beach

Some terrains just aren’t suitable for buggies star wars the force unleashed free download pc. Wearing your baby, you can stroll along the sand, or wander round a forest – even paddle through the shallows. Breathe in some proper air, and enjoy the moment herunterladen.


Nursing in a sling is an acquired art, and is easier the older they get. When your baby is small, watch them carefully if they’re doing this, as it’s difficult to keep to the TICKS guidelines when you’re nursing and babywearing download deezer app. The Badass Breastfeeder has some good tips and tutorials.

Ride a bike

Let me be clear: Never cycle *whilst* babywearing herunterladen. It throws off your centre of gravity, making it more likely that you’ll fall, and if you do come off your bike the impact could seriously injure your baby amazon prime series download windows. (Remember you’ll be travelling at a much faster speed than when walking – even if you’re a slowcoach like me.) However, if you want to cycle into town, or to the park, with your baby in a cycle seat, chuck a sling in your bag and wear your baby when you’ve chained your bike up. You can’t really do that with a buggy.

Make dinner

…or do the hoovering, gardening, cleaning etc. Most of these things are easier in a back carry, and be careful about any hot oil splashes etc, but otherwise it’s a great way to keep your baby next to you, safe and happy, and – if not asleep – they can watch what you’re doing and feel more involved in your life.

Run away from Daleks

Ok, so the real geeks out there will point out that the new-generation Daleks can hover and fly and are even amphibious, so stairs no longer present a problem. Unfortunately, they’ve yet to develop a hovering, flying, amphibious pram, and even the buggies that are ‘easy’ to get up and down steps are still really crunching hard to get up and down steps in comparison to not having one.

And whilst babywearing won’t give you the power of space flight, it does make it a bucketload easier to travel by plane

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