Inclusivity and intersectionality

I don’t claim to speak for everyone, but try my best to speak to everyone. Let me know if I’m not doing so well.

I speak from my experience, gained within the cultures I have experience of photoshop elements 5 download for free. I try and learn as much as I can from other cultures and subcultures, and try my best to consider parents in all kinds of situations.

My point of view

Here’s a bit about the point of view I speak from magister appen macbook. I might well inadvertently get stuck in a groove of my point of view. Feel free to call me out on it.

I am a bisexual cis woman. I’ve been in relationships with men but am now married to another white woman foto's voor mac. We conceived a baby, whom I gave birth to, through use of a known donor. My views do not represent all such women.

I am white British grew up in England and now live in Scotland solid edge downloaden. I’ve also lived briefly in France and Australia. My wife is Australian and has lived in many countries when she was growing up, so she shares insights into those cultures download images as you can. My views do not represent any particular culture, other than being more informed about how things work in the UK: what services are available, GBP costs, etc lustige whatsapp bilder kostenlosen.

I am middle class and in the richest 1.5% of the world, according to Global Rich List moving Christmas cards for free. I’m fairly well educated (I didn’t go to university, but that was through choice, not necessity). I have a good job. I own my home. I’ve worried about money, but I’ve never truly known poverty herunterladen. My views don’t represent my social class.

I have had a temporary severe physical impairment (unable to walk well or at all for a period of months), and have ongoing occasional mobility problems herunterladen. I like to think has given me insight, but don’t claim to understand what it’s like living with a severe long-term disability. My views represent neither disabled people nor non-disabled people mysql datenbank kostenlos download.

I’ve battled mental health issues and have lost a loved one to depression. This probably gives me a better insight than some into some mental health issues, but I’m not an expert. I touch on mental health issues in my posts, but my views don’t represent any particular state of mental health.  Importantly, any posts about positivity and attitude are not aimed at people with mental health difficulties.


I’m also a left wing socialist, and that’s where my celebration of differences ends.

I believe that every human being is entitled to food, shelter, respect, autonomy, fun, and control of their own body.

That will always be the point of view from which my views come. Whilst they’re still not representative of everyone on a similar political spectrum, I will stand by my viewpoint vociferously.

Let me know how I’m doing

If you think I’m being exclusionist, you can leave a comment on the blog in question (see my comments policy) or send me a confidential email calling me on it.

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