Comments policy

Don’t be a dick.

Kinda covers it. Specifically, though:

Don’t be mean

Posts that are racist, sexist, or otherwise purposefully discriminatory will be deleted immediately ofd niedersachsen vordrucke zum herunterladen. If you’re doing it accidentally, I will gently call you on it. If I do it, call me on it too.

It’s ok to ask

If you don’t know what I mean by something, ask in the comments was ist herunterladen hochladen. If a commenter doesn’t understand a term, don’t mock them. That’s mean, and I refer you to #1.

Be yourself

I’m not asking for your real name or anything, but if you’re hiding behind an identity to stir up trouble, I’ll kick you to the kerb herunterladen.

Call me out

If it looks like I’m making false assumptions, pigeonholing, stereotyping, or making anyone who’s trying their best feel like a bad parent, tell me herunterladen. We can have a lovely reasonable chat about why, and I can learn from it.

(If you don’t want to comment, you can always get in touch via this form: That’s not cool dude – web form)

Don’t be illegal

This is a public site download kostenlos elf yourself. If you do illegal stuff I will report you.




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