The only five things you REALLY need for your new baby

The five basic things you really need in the first six months of your baby’s life.

There are many lists of things you need for a baby, and the problem is that many of these lists are written by the companies who make baby products herunterladen. I’ve stripped these lists right down to the bare essentials. There are plenty more things that make life easier, and there are what I call ‘must-have-ifs’ – for example, you must have a car seat if you’re travelling in a car, and these things have been categorised on the site as ‘must-haves’ geogebra 3d.

But life without the below would be actively hard, or dangerous.


With any luck they’ll make milk to feed your baby too, but even if they physically need, they are the ultimate in the comfort they need to thrive emergency free full version chip.

Breasts – more information


A sub category of the above, as the majority of babies will be able to get milk from the breast TV. But if not, you will need milk. And if you are making up formula, it makes the next item all the more valuable:

Clean water

Access to clean water for drinking and washing is something so many of us take for granted, but that’s not the case for many – probably more than you think herunterladen. Half a million children a year die from poor sanitation.

Water supply – more information

Cloths and wipes

Your baby will need to be cleaned several times a day, and may be the type to throw up at the drop of a hat. Cleanliness is vital to health.

Cloths and wipes – more information


You need to keep your baby dry and warm. In the early days these ‘clothes’ may be just a blanket, but as they grow they need to have more freedom to move. Otherwise, the type of clothes depends on your climate.


I’ve put these last because in fact, in some cultures, elimination communication is the norm. But you do need some way of dealing with your baby’s excretions.

Nappies – more information

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