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You’ll probably need to get more towels than you currently have; you can’t have enough with a kid in the house.

What is it?

A towel. Several towels of different sizes.

Do I need one?

You’ll need to dry your baby, obviously, but there’ll also be wee to mop up on the floor (Yes. there will. Accept it.) and various other use cases.

The crucial thing is they’re more likely to get some kind of bodily excretion on them than towels in your childless house, so you’ll need to wash them more often, and therefore need more, unless you employ a cleaner who is exclusively in charge of laundry.

However, you don’t need a ‘baby towel’. They’re cute – especially the hooded ones – but your baby will grow out of it pretty quickly. I’d recommend you get most of your towels bath-towel size – they’re small enough as to not swamp a tiny baby but big enough to be useful for a while. A few hand towels and baby towels will work well early on and as large flannels, if you end up with some though (see cloths and wipes).

How do I get one?

People tend to hold on to towels until they’re threadbare, so second hand ones are harder – although not impossible – to source. Try all the usual places though. To buy new, try searching for wholesale places online – I got a great deal when I bought about 8 towels at once from The Towel Shop. It’s also a good way to spend any vouchers you’re given.

Is there a hack?

You can buy towelling fabric from fabric shops, which could be worth looking at when shopping around – my local place didn’t really work out any cheaper than The Towel Shop did, though.

What are the safety implications?

Be very careful if your baby falls asleep wrapped in a towel – it’s the same safety concern as blankets; just make sure it doesn’t end up over their face.

How much are they?

Prices vary a lot, depending on quality, but a pack of four 600gsm bath towels from the Towel Shop for £25.

What makes some more expensive?

Sometimes it’s just the supply chain (buying direct from manufacturers is cheaper), and as with so many items, super-cheap new ones probably come at a cost to exploited workers somewhere. Otherwise, you’ll get a better fabric and therefore more wear out of a more expensive towel, as a rule.

What are the alternatives?

You can use sheets to dry yourself, but the efficacy of this will depend on the climate. You will need fewer towels if you do laundry more often.
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