What do I mean by ‘birth or circumstance’?

There are lots of ways in which people become parents.

  • Giving birth to a child
  • Being biologically half of a child’s genetic makeup
  • Being the partner of someone who has given birth or genes to a child.
  • Formally adopting a child of any age.
  • Officially fostering a child.
  • Informally caring for a child whose primary parents aren’t able to look after the, temporarily or permanently (such as kinship care)

Of course, some people may do these things and not become a parent (such as egg donors and non-participating step-parents). But where you have a parenting relationship, you are a parent.

My viewpoint

I try where I can to talk to all kinds of parents in all kinds of situations (parenting couples – gay or straight – single parents, co-parents, etc). My own experience is parenting, together with my wife, a baby conceived through a known sperm donor. (My wife and I are parents, our baby’s father isn’t (mostly).)

So I try and talk to everyone without claiming any great knowledge of other kind of situation. Let me know if you think I’m not doing right by a kind of family.


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